• Functional zoning
    Functional zoning

    One , the harmonious coexistence of man and nature concept Combined with the major landscape features the Grand Canyon , truly reflects the ...

  • Nan Shi Yang
    Nan Shi Yang

    Nan Shi Yang Grand Canyon Scenic Spot is located in Beijing City North Yanchi town of Mentougou District mountains area in a horse to a vill...



  • Winter: "Canyon wonders, ice world"
    Winter: "Canyon wonders, ice

    At present there is no domestic Ice Tourism Festival, the gap is not only an opportunity, but also a challenge. Break through the traditiona...

  • Autumn: "colorful Canyon, gorgeous autumn" theme activitie
    Autumn: "colorful Canyon, gor

    1 , drunk Southern Shi Yang , red maple Manshan Photography Contest Late autumn season , South Shi Yang Grand Canyon in a year the most fant...

  • Summer: "the Grand Canyon, summer summer passion" theme ac
    Summer: "the Grand Canyon, su

    1 , the canyon concert In this era of advocating a return to nature , a concert in the valley, into the landscape and the sounds of nature ,...

  • Spring: "brilliant Canyon, spring unlimited" theme activit
    Spring: "brilliant Canyon, sp

    1 , Nan Shi Yang International Peach Blossom Festival Peach flowers flowing away with water 窅 out , like another world than men , peach blo...